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The Gas Encyclopedia Story

For many years researchers, industrials and students had to search information on molecules used in industry and research in books, articles, etc…. These information were consequently scattered, even sometimes not available, and took a huge time to collect and could require calculation sometimes.

In 1976, Air Liquide edited jointly with Elsevier the first Gaz Encyclopedia. A noticeable work was performed by the Group’s Experts from the Research and Development department. They collected and selected data for topics as wide as thermodynamic and physical properties, instructions for use, flammability ranges, toxicity, biological properties, different materials compliance and the 138 molecules use. With its overall ease of use and content quality, this encyclopedia rapidly became a reference for lots of users, implying two reissues in both 1985 and 2002.

40 years later, the Gaz Encyclopedia is still an acknowledged tool for academics as well as  industrials. Digitized since 2002, it was completed with new practical tools such as gas/liquid converter to ease the everyday work of its users. In 2013, an application “Gaz Encyclopedia” for tablets was created to fit the users’ needs on mobility. It focused on 64 molecules. The design were improved, data were checked and their display made more friendly. This version then integrated  a universal converter and a molecules comparator for the 64 molecules.

Now available on all digital media (mobiles, tablets, computers), both in French and English, the Gaz Encyclopedia 2017 version is designed to be used by everyone anytime. It maintains all functionalities on the 64 molecules which made this application a success. The data are regularly updated so it features the most complete and up to date information. Healthcare gas application have also been added.

This initiative illustrates the commitment of the Air Liquide Group and its m-Lab on the development and sharing of the scientific knowledge on Essential Small Molecules for life, material and energy and the other main molecules they are associated to.

Led by the R&D Scientific Direction team in 2015, the m-Lab (molecule-Lab) is Air Liquide’s open scientific community dedicated to the Essential Small Molecules . Its mission is to innovate and create value for society jointly with experts and innovators from worldwide ecosystems.

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