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Gas Encyclopedia

The Air Liquide Gas Encyclopedia ensures that you can quickly find full information on more than 135 gas molecules.

Air Liquide and its research teams are making reference content on gases available to students, scientists, professional users, and everyone interested.

Thanks to the Air Liquide Gas Encyclopedia, you will be able to:

  • Find all of the physical properties of gases (the main physical characteristics of molecules in their solid, liquid and gaseous or supercritical states),
  • Calculate the correspondence between the gaseous and liquid phase for a given weight or volume of gas,
  • Calculate the liquid phase density all along the liquid-vapor balance curve for nitrogen, carbon dioxide, argon, hydrogen or oxygen,
  • Download the vapor pressure curve for some gases,
  • View the Safety Datasheets (SDS),
  • Discover the main applications of these gases in industry and healthcare,
  • Check material compatibility.

Using the Encyclopedia

You can run a search by entering a chemical formula, a UN transportation code or by choosing a molecule name from the drop-down menu. Having trouble? Refer to our User Guide.
Gas selection
After selecting a molecule, you can choose the units in which you want displayed numeric values.